When it comes to installing a deck, there are a number of decking materials to choose from. Among these materials, REBO strand woven bamboo decking is a good alternative. It is an eco-friendly decking material for the construction and decoration, and is widely used in the garden, gazebo, park, balcony, backyard, pergola, patio, etc.

Strand woven bamboo outdoor flooring board is very easy to be installed and requires a very low maintenance. It is a preferred option over traditional decking due to its high durability, high strength characteristics.
REBO bamboo decking is made of natural bamboo fibers, through hot pressing and carbonization technology to alter hardness, dimensional stability and durability to a level superior and to the best tropical hardwood.
Featured with tongue and groove head for easy installation, the product size varies from 1860*140*18mm to 2500*140*30mm.
As an ECO green building material, the bamboo flooring is FSC approved and offered with 30 years warranty, which is widely used in the outdoor terrace, balcony, square park, garden, etc.
Eco-friendly formadehyde free carbonized garden flooring, featured with small grooved surface, flat back and grooved sides to be installed by clips, good quality strictly controlled bamboo patio deck flooring.

Grooved terrace bamboo flooring with tongue and groove head to be jointed together easily. High density bamboo laminate flooring for the part construction.

Strand woven bamboo E1 European standard decking flooring, waterproof outdoor floor covering building material.
The raw bamboo material is cut into strips and smashed to bamboo fibers, and the bamboo fibers are treated at a high temperature and carbonized heating technology, so the fungicides, pesticides, worm eggs etc will not exist any more. Under hot pressing technics, the boards become very durable, hard and strong. REBO bamboo board is an ideal material for the outdoor applications.

There are four surface designs options of REBO bamboo decking: big wave, small wave, small groove and flat surfaces. You could choose whatever you like.
Bamboo decking is environmentally friendly thanks to the fast growth of bamboo. Bamboo stems can be harvested after just 5-6 years and can be regenerated itself without destroying the oil, it is a rapidly renewable resource and indeed is an eco-friendly alternative to other materials.
Everyone wants a beautiful and durable decking that can last for years. Stunning bamboo decking will make your dream come true, it will give you all that and even more.
Bamboo decking is a beautiful, durable and sustainable option for the outdoor living space, and a smart solution for your sustainable project.
Outdoor space is a real asset to any home. When properly designed and maintained, they can be ideal places to relax, entertain and even foster a healthier lifestyle. But outdoor spaces are also subject to a variety of environmental elements, such as intense sunlight, rain, sudden temperature changes, and wind, which can affect the durability and aesthetics of a deck. To address these issues, bamboo decking has emerged as a sustainable, durable and cost-effective alternative to traditional hardwood floors
Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly and multifunctional materials for construction application. It is widely used as bamboo flooring, decking, wall cladding, structures, etc. More and more people like bamboo materials because of its unique advantages.
Bamboo is also one of most eco-friendly materials, which is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It can be harvested without harming the plant. Using bamboo reduces the consuming wood materials. Governments and environmentalists encourage using bamboo instead of wood products.
Nowadays, there are varieties of material in the market. Choosing a material for your deck will be a laborious task. A quality bamboo decking will ensure that you choose a durable and long-lasting material, and will make your deck outstanding and beautiful. REBO bamboo decking is indeed a good option due to its several characteristics: natural beauty, durability, high strength, high density, ecological, stability, fast and easy installation, fire retardant, etc.
Outdoor bamboo product features:
Eco-friendly with a sustainable resource, low formaldehyde emission, rot-resistant, high weather-resistant, fire-proof.

Advantage of the deck flooring:
T&G head for easy installation, factory direct sale, build in stock, 30 years warranty, CE/FSC/SGS/ISO certificated.

Application of bamboo decking:
Balcony/ Patio/ Terrace/ Garden/ Park / Square/ Engineer Project/ Outdoor Application
Outdoor waterproof decking natural bamboo industrial flooring, fsc certificated, 100% moso bamboo material, hot pressing technics, bamboo cutting boards for building.

Outdoor heat treatment bamboo decking floor coverings, high quality cheap price strand woven fire resistance bamboo decking prices. Outdoor office platform building bamboo flooring material.

A Grade distressed antislip bamboo flooring with small wave surface type. Durable, strong and hard bamboo outdoor decking panels, E1 European standard bamboo flooring.
Strand woven waterproof outdoor swimming pool bamboo decking flooring, featured with big equal groove surface, 2500mm length, 140mm width, 18mm thickness, high and low grooved sides, so that the board can be well identified which side is on the surface.

Waterproof medium charcoal bamboo material outdoor for flooring, made from compressed bamboo fibers, and this hot compressed process makes the board hard, durable and strong.

High density good quality bamboo flooring for the hotel construction and decoration. Well looking bamboo flooring.
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