There are more and more DIYers and contractors increasingly choosing bamboo decking as the building material because of its strength and ability to stand up against the natural elements.

Bamboo decking has become an ideal choice for many outdoor projects. Bamboo is also environmentally friendly, which is very different from hardwood and wpc material. Bamboo is not a wood, it can regenerate itself very fast in four to five years, doesn't require pesticides and other harmful chemicals for protection.
Bamboo is the perfect natural building material. It is a grass not a wood. The plant can grow up to four feet per day, when harvested, it will continue to regrows without replanting. So it's very abundant and endless, and very environmentally friendly.

There are many benefits of using bamboo as the building material. In many parts of the world, bamboo is readily available, replenishable, and compared with other building materials, has a faverable price.

Bamboo is especially well known for its strength, hardness, and rate of growth. Its strength, flexibility, and durability have made it a key structural material throughout the world.
REBO strand woven bamboo decking is the best choice for all outdoor area applications and has been used worldwide in many commercial and residential places. Bamboo decking is extremely stable, hard and strong, it has performed a class 1 Durability and Class 4 Use level, and got a Bfl-B1 fire retartant standard, so it is widely used everywhere, such as garden, balcony, park, home and office, projects, etc.
REBO strand woven bamboo decking is indeed a best alternative to wood decking and WPC decking.
Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants, capable of self renewal and offering a better alternative to the destruction of the world's forests. REBO strand woven bamboo decking is made of compressed bamboo fibers, so it is very eco-friendly to the environment.

Strand woven bamboo is a new type material in the international world. It is a nice solution for terrace flooring, decking, outdoor flooring, etc. Strand woven bamboo decking can be used where other woods used. It is an excellent and natural replacement of wood and WPC.
High quality bamboo decking panels, outdoor carbonized bamboo flooring for the house construction. 8-10% moisture content, less expanstion ratio.

Carbonized strand woven bamboo flooring outside material, featured with tongue and groove head for easily jointed, 1850mm length, 140mm width, 18mm width.

Natural green and safe bamboo flooring, E1 European standard deep carbonized bamboo decking boards, featured with big wave surface, flat back, grooved sides to be installed by hidden clips
Outdoor high-resistance bamboo flooring panels, usually got through high-temperature carbonization technology, while retaining the natural appearance of bamboo, it is waterproof and non-slip, high density, and has better wear resistance than ordinary bamboo and wood flooring. And it has a bumpy texture, no worms, no deformation, with elegant color and refreshing texture.
High-resistant outdoor bamboo wood panels are also environmentally friendly, waterproof, high color fastness, anti-corrosion, high toughness, insect-proof, high-strength, energy-saving, non-cracking, recycling and other characteristics.
REBO Bamboo flooring is an excellent and natural replacement of traditional wood and WPC for its high durability, strong, eco-friendly, fast-growing period and other properties.
REBO Bamboo Floor Tile Features: High Density, Eco Forest, Low Expansion, Non-deformation, Natural Appearance, Easy Installing.
REBO Bamboo Flooring Product Features: High density, High dimensional stability, Sustainable, Eco Forest, Low expansion, Non-deformation, Natural appearance, Easy installing.
REBO Flooring Features:
High density, High dimensional stability, Sustainable, Eco Forest, Low expansion, Non-deformation, Natural appearance, Easy installing.

REBO Flooring Advantages:
Antislip, Antiseptic, Fireproof, Waterproof, Mildewproof, Mothproof, Scratch resistance, Mass production.
Strand woven bamboo decking DF621, featured with small groove surface, tongue and groove head, so that the two panels can be easily jointed together. Deep carbonized technology, 8%-10% moisture content. Length sides grooved so that it is installed by clips It is treated by Oil on the surface after its finishing.

Hot pressing technics, compressed the bamboo fibers, and this compressed process makes it hard, durable and strong. Certificated with ISO141001, 19001, fireproof, waterproof, durablity Class 1, use Class 4.

Bamboo decking steps for outdoor, high density, good price.
-environmentally friendly building material
-5-year growing period, endless resource
-strong, hard, durable and sustainable
-high density
- Durability Class 1
- Use Class 4
- Anti-slip, fire resistance, waterproof

Warranty: 30 years for residential use and 20 years for commercial use.
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