There are three types of bamboo flooring products: horizontal structure, vertical structure and strand woven, each of them is suitable for use anywhere that hardwood is appropriate. They are manufactured by different methods of processing the bamboo, each with a different look
Pu bamboo is the abbreviation of ordinary bamboo flooring, which is relative to heavy bamboo flooring.
At present, there are several styles of ordinary bamboo flooring on the market: carbonized horizontal pressed, carbonized vertical pressed, natural horizontal pressed, natural vertical pressed, and of course, colored carbonized horizontal pressed plates.
Its appearance is natural bamboo texture, beautiful color, which is conformed to people's mentality of returning to nature.
Solid bamboo flooring is made from bamboo strips, which are dried and glued together, with horizontal or vertical structure. This form of construction makes the boards of flooring extremely stable, durable and versatile.
REBO solid bamboo indoor floor can be used in the home and office building, hotel, villa, school, department building, etc. Bamboo flooring is popular because of its stable, durable, eco-friendly and becomes an alternative to hardwood flooring.
There are two colors of solid bamboo, one is natural, the other is carbonized.
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