Bamboo panel is the ideal material for wall panel and ceiling cladding because bamboo is the most famous green material. Bamboo cladding brings you the feeling how your wall and ceiling could be cool and fashionable look and really different than wood, paper or other materials. The panels are made of environmentally friendly bamboo strips and are perfectly suitable for decorating walls and ceilings both for outdoor and indoor areas
When it comes to make home improvement, there are a lot of options for homeowners to choose from, such as the wall, the floor, the light, the furniture and so on, which will make the houses better and more comfortable. Apart from interior items and fixtures, there are also numerous exterior items, for example, outdoor wall cladding.
Making use of wall cladding can make houses more appealing. In addition, a good wall cladding can also help increase the value of your house.
Rebo Bamboo Exterior Siding Outdoor Application
ISO9001, ISO14001
133,400 square meters
400,000 square meters annual
9 national invention patents and 77 utility model patents
20 years experience of hot-press technology
Bamboo wall cladding is the extended product from strand woven bamboo, which has the complete characteristics of it, that is high density, super strong, extreme hardness, low formaldehyde emission(E1 European standard).

In many house building, the façade is the must-do decoration for the owner. So how to choose the material is very decisive for the appearance. Bamboo is a very durable material for the façade covering, to show its natural look, if it is desired.

After many years' experience, bamboo material has proven to be very durable, strong and is very suitable for exterior wall cladding panels.
Bamboo wood is a new type of material produced by the processes of removing greening, yellowing, smashing, carbonization, gluing, drying and pressing.
It has the characteristics of health and eco-friendliness, fireproof, wear-resistance, weather-resistance, mothproof, etc and retains the natural and fresh characteristics of bamboo.
After processing, bamboo wood is made into sliced boards, single and multilayer boards, bow-shaped boards, heavy bamboo, square materials, cylindrical products and other products
Bamboo Woven Panel is ideal for Ceiling, wall, etc. Bamboo offers a variety of high-end panels to complete the decorative solutions indoors and outdoors.
REBO wall panel is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to add beauty and flare to your home or business. Bamboo panels are an excellent alternative to more traditional wall coverings.
Strand woven bamboo wall cladding is extremely strong, hard, durable and easy to install with stainless steel clips. It is perfect for entrances, patio or veranda ceilings, offices, hotels, restaurants, gardens and so on.
External wall cladding with outdoor anticorrosive strand woven bamboo material, featured with four sides flat, and be installed directly by screws.

Water resistant bamboo wall covering panels for the house construction. Medium carbonized bamboo siding panel, 1860mm lenth, 100mm or 140mm width, 12mm thickness.

Exterior Decorative bamboo wood wall siding cladding boards, hot sale residential building bamboo composite wall siding covering panel, high quality and durable bamboo wall cladding.
Bamboo wall cladding panel eco-friendly commercial house siding boards. Waterproof bamboo material wall cladding for house construction.

Easy installation bamboo facade panel, decorative bamboo wall boards, featured with flat surface and grooved back, one length side grooved to be installed by clips, the other length sides card slot, so the two boards could be jointed together easily.

Factory wholesale bamboo panel for wall building, high desity and good price carbonized bamboo wall cladding designs.
Beautiful and fashion exterior decorative style bamboo fiber wall cladding, one side grooved to be installed by stainless steel clips, the other side card slot, so that the two boards can be easily jointed together.

Hot sale outdoor bamboo beam wall cladding for construction and building decorations, 1860mm length, 140mm width, 12mm thickness.

12 mm thickness waterproof antimould high density carbonized outdoor bamboo wall cladding, easy and quick installation bamboo wallboard cladding.
Environmental friendly bamboo solid wall cladding panel with flat surface design, one side grooved to be installed by stainless steel clips, the other side card slot, so that the two boards can be easily jointed together.

1860mm length, 140mm width, 12mm thickness, antislip strand woven bamboo wood cladding, 2020 new design waterproof bamboo wall cladding exterior wall panel.

Wholesale natural bamboo material for house siding construction, factory direct sale bamboo facade panel.
Strand woven carbonized bamboo wall cladding, bamboo decorative house siding panel, 1860mm length, 140mm width, 12mm thickness, easily installed wall panel by clips.

Fireproof building material engineered bamboo wall cladding board, 100% bamboo material, hot pressing technics, medium carbonization technology, flat with card slot feature on the surface.

Commercial wall cladding bamboo construction material for the house siding, natural color exterior bamboo wall facade panels decoration.
Strand woven bamboo construction material exterior wall cladding, 12mm thickness, 1860mm length, 100mm width. Medium carbonized outdoor decking wall panels, four sides flat, and it is directly installed by screws.

Decorative exterior house wall cladding, carbonized bamboo house siding panel. It is widely used in the garden, gazebo, park, balcony, backyard,house siding, etc.

Corrosion resistance bamboo material wall cladding, house decorative siding panel, medium carbonized color. It is choosing the fast growing moso bamboo as raw material. During years of researched and self-developed producing technique, all range of REBO outdoor products have characteristic of high density(1200kg/m³), durability Class 1 (EN350), fire proof, water proof, anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, and slip-resistance(R10).
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