What is carbonized bamboo flooring?


Carbonized bamboo flooring is made by placing bamboo strips in an environment of high temperature, high heat, and high pressure, so that the organic matter (sugar, starch, protein) in the bamboo material is decomposed and denatured, and the bamboo fiber is becoming anti-insect and anti-corrosion after high temperature and high pressure.

 carbonized bamboo flooring

The raw material is also moso bamboo. During the processing of bamboo, it must be carbonized, so that its surface hardness is doubled. At the same time, the bamboo products are characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-insect and anti-corrosion. There are varieties of advantages of carbonized bamboo:


1. Carbonized bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly product. The environmentally friendly dry carbonization process is different from the chemical modification of the floor. The floor carbonization treatment is a purely physical technology. The carbonization process only involves temperature and water vapor, and no chemicals are added.


2. Carbonized bamboo flooring is easy to maintain: Carbonized bamboo flooring can change color according to user requirements, and maintenance and polishing are extremely simple.


3. The carbonized bamboo flooring has the same color inside and outside, ensuring uniform and durable color throughout the entire board.


4. Improvement of dimensional stability: The flooring is heat treated in a high temperature (160-230°C) environment. By reducing the concentration of hydroxyl groups in the floor components, the hygroscopicity and internal stress of the floor are reduced, which significantly reduces the exchange capacity of the carbonized floor with external moisture. The wet expansion can be reduced by more than 50%, greatly improving the dimensional stability of the floor, thus greatly reducing the deformation, shrinkage and swelling of the floor caused by moisture changes during use.


5. Carbonized bamboo flooring has a long service life: Bamboo itself has a long service life. After processing, the carbonized bamboo flooring has successfully extended its service life.


6. Carbonized bamboo flooring has high durability and corrosion resistance. Because carbonized bamboo flooring is a flooring product processed through chemical reactions, certain components of this type of flooring product are changed, thereby reducing the nutrients for floor decay bacteria and making the floor itself more resistant to corrosion and weathering. Therefore it has very good anti-rot, anti-termite and anti-fungal effects.

high stability high durability bamboo flooring

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