Is Bamboo Flooring Environmentally Friendly?


Bamboo flooring is an economical flooring. Many people are worried about the safety of bamboo flooring. So does bamboo flooring have high formaldehyde content? Is bamboo flooring harmful to the human body?

bamboo flooring 

First, let’s take a look at the ingredients of bamboo flooring. The main material of bamboo flooring is bamboo, bamboo flooring is made of bamboo strips with adhesive under high temperature and high pressure. After special harmless treatment to remove sugar, protein and other special ingredients, it has a strong anti-insect function. The floor is non-toxic, strong and stable, it does not peel or deform. Therefore, we can know that the material of bamboo flooring is basically natural and non-toxic.


Then let’s take a look at the material of bamboo flooring. The raw material used in bamboo flooring is also very good. Basically, most bamboo floors are made of moso bamboo. As is known to us, bamboo is the fast-growing plant in the world and is very friendly to the environment, and the stability of such bamboo flooring is superior.

 environmentally friendly bamboo flooring

Moreover, during the processing of bamboo flooring, high-quality and eco-friendly glue that meets national standards is used to avoid the harm of formaldehyde and other substances to the human body. Bamboo floors are also produced through advanced equipments and technologies to keep the natural beauty of original bamboo as well as guarantee the durability.

 natural bamboo flooring

Finally, let’s take a look at the formaldehyde release of bamboo flooring. The formaldehyde release of bamboo flooring can reach E1 level. From this point we can see that this floor is an environmentally friendly product. Therefore, the formaldehyde content of bamboo flooring is relatively small, and the harm to the human body is also very small. It can be regarded as the best choice for decoration. Bamboo flooring is becoming very popular in recently years and has become a good replacement of traditional wood, WPC, plastic, etc.

bamboo flooringenvironmentally friendly bamboo flooring

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