Bamboo will become the new favorite of designers?

With the implementation of the concept of sustainable development, the reusability and low energy consumption of environmentally friendly building materials have gradually become the focus of the industry. With the support of technologies such as prefabrication and assembly, low-carbon and environmentally friendly building materials can more effectively reduce the damage to the surrounding and ecological environment during the construction process. The concept of environmental protection is receiving unprecedented attention, and environmentally friendly materials have become a popular choice for designers!


What is Bamboo?


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, and it is also an excellent natural fast-growing material. Bamboo, as a sustainable and environmentally friendly material derived from nature and with its own temperament, is attracting attention. Since the natural forest logging ban, China's timber supply has decreased by about 200 million cubic meters per year, and the gap between supply and demand is about 450 million cubic meters per year. As a building material, bamboo has a similar texture to wood, and every 60 pieces of bamboo can replace 1 cubic meter of wood.


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Properties of Bamboo


1. High strength high density: The strength and density of bamboo are higher than that of ordinary wood, and bamboo products of smaller thickness can replace wood products of larger thickness to obtain economic advantages.


2. Good toughness and easy to bend: Bamboo has the aesthetics of rigidity and strength, and has good flexibility in the longitudinal direction. By making full use of this characteristic, bamboo integrated materials with richer and more beautiful shapes can be produced.


3. Warm in winter and cool in summer, good sound insulation: Due to the low thermal conductivity of bamboo, it does not generate heat and cool itself. Moreover, bamboo has higher moisture absorption and heat absorption performance than wood, so it is cool and sweat-absorbing in summer and warm in winter. Not only that, bamboo is also a natural sound insulation material.


4. Safe and anti-seismic, more environmentally friendly: Due to its light weight and good elasticity, bamboo's anti-seismic function is very prominent. And compared with other plants, bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide. According to expert research, the annual carbon sequestration capacity of one hectare of moso bamboo is 5.09 tons, which is 1.46 times that of Chinese fir and 1.33 times that of tropical rainforest.


5.  Strong decoration and easy to match: Bamboo has straight grain, smooth texture, natural color and unique texture, which is in line with people's mentality of returning to nature. Bamboo can not only maintain its natural color, but also can be bleached, dyed and carbonized. It has a variety of colors and has a strong decorative effect.


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 Application of Bamboo


In the early days, due to the shortcomings of bamboo in fire prevention, insect resistance, corrosion, and poor stability, bamboo was often associated with simplicity and temporaryness in construction projects. However, the new modified bamboo not only promotes the excellent characteristics of bamboo itself, but also overcomes the shortcomings of the original bamboo, such as large geometric variability, high sugar content, easy insects, uneven texture, and poor durability, and is widely favored by structural engineers.


From bamboo tableware, bamboo furniture to bamboo architecture, bamboo is appearing in our daily life in various forms. Under the background of "double carbon", it will gradually become possible to replace plastic, wood, cotton, and steel with bamboo. We might as well look forward to witnessing the multi-faceted and large-scale implementation and application of "bamboo" in the future!

Bamboo Properties natural bamboo material environmentally friendly building materials

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