Is Bamboo Decking A Perfect Product?


Compared with other building materials, such as wood decking and WPC decking, bamboo decking is still a relatively new material, and many people still don't know enough about it. But when it comes to bamboo, many people will say many of its advantages. Bamboo is renewable, has a short growth cycle, fast growth, wide distribution, rich resources, and is a straight fiber herb with a more delicate feel. The hardness is higher than that of commonly known tree species, such as: pine, cherry, teak, beech, etc., even maple! Bamboo can be multiplied, planted once and used continuously. We can make full use of bamboo resources without damaging the ecological environment and maintain sustainable development. Trees are non-renewable, planted once, felled once, some rare tree species are on the verge of extinction or have become extinct after felling, and dense forests become bare hills. It only takes 5-6 years of the moso bamboo used in the production of bamboo decking to grow from shoots to be used in the production of bamboo decking. Bamboo shoots can grow to a height of 20 meters in about 2 months after the bamboo shoots emerge. During the peak growth period, the height can be increased by 1 meter in a day. The trees used to produce bamboo decking have a growth period ranging from ten to twenty years to hundreds of years. Compared with wooden decking, bamboo decking with straight fibers is less prone to moisture absorption and deformation, and is water-resistant, hard, and stable in performance. Bamboo may be the most environmentally friendly and tough material on the planet. It is less likely to break than steel and has become the new favorite of architects.


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The bamboo decking is made of moso bamboo through more than 12 processes, among which the 150-degree carbonization process removes nutrients and insect eggs in the bamboo, and 2,700 tons of hot pressing allows the moso bamboo and phenolic resin to be integrated into one. Bamboo decking with a density of 1.15-1.2g/cm3, because of its high density, it has natural insect-proof, waterproof, and mildew-proof effects. Whether it is used outdoors or indoors, bamboo decking is a good choice. Outdoor bamboo decking is more durable than commonly used anti-corrosion wood, can withstand outdoor high temperature better than WPC decking, and is not easy to deform. Moreover, the bamboo decking has the same natural grain as the wooden decking, which makes the surrounding environment more vivid.

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When it comes to so many advantages of bamboo decking, many people may have a feeling that bamboo decking is really perfect. But it would be too much to say that it is perfect, any kind of thing has advantages and disadvantages, and bamboo decking is the same. You can think of bamboo decking as similar to wooden decking. Some problems that will occur with wooden decking will also occur with bamboo decking. For example, after a period of wind, sun and rain, the color of the wooden decking will slowly degenerate into a natural gray. Bamboo decking is also a natural material, and this will also happen. But as long as it is maintained, the bamboo decking can be restored to a lighter brown than the original, but if you like natural gray, you only need to maintain it once a year for the bamboo decking. The maintenance is relatively simple, that is, cleaning and polishing, then oiling. After a period of time after the bamboo decking is installed, some bamboo deckings will have the same small cracks as the wooden decking, but the shrinkage and expansion rate of the bamboo decking is much smaller than that of the wooden decking, and the probability of small cracks is also relatively small. There are two series of bamboo decking, one is medium carbonization and the other is deep carbonation. The carbonization temperature of deep carbon is higher and the time is longer, so the deep carbonation decking is more durable than the medium carbonization decking. If the environment of the decking is relatively dry, medium carbonization decking is enough, and it is cost-effective. But if the bamboo decking is used in a hot and humid environment, such as by the swimming pool or by the sea, please use the bamboo decking of the deep carbonization series, which is more durable and moisture-resistant.

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