REBO Products Warranty 30 Years

Dear customer: First of all, thank you for choosing our REBO bamboo products!

Fujian Golden Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. since its foundation, has always taken the product quality as its core to participate in market competition. It has established a strict quality inspection system and scientific quality inspection standards, which can be used for strict controlling and managing all links related to product quality. We hereby promise that the REBO bamboo M/D SERIES products have a guarantee period of thirty years (Residential) and twenty years (Commercial) from the date of purchase by following provisions.

1. Scope of warranty

l  This warranty only applies to the normal environment and use conditions of buildings. It does not include the damage caused by misuse, accident, natural disaster and force majeure, damage caused by obvious the surface nick or destroy or erection joint, chromatic aberration caused by illumination, natural oil loss of the surface caused by seasonal climatic variation, or damage caused by improper installation, maintenance, cleaning, the surface paint care, mechanical or chemical contamination.

l  The REBO planks are natural bamboo products, with differences in color, texture and the surface. The color may change based on the maintenance period and service time. The change in color and surface coating degradation are insufficient to cause customer complaints.

l  The surface and end face may produce small cracks due to their different air shrinkage bulking factors. This phenomenon is common to most wood products, insufficient to cause customer complaints.

l  The surface may become coarse after a certain period, due to the constant expansion and contraction caused by different local temperatures and climate changes. This phenomenon is common to most wood products, insufficient to cause customer complaints.

l  The product may have slight dimensional changes or produce a tile - shaped deformation after installation. This phenomenon is common to most wood products, insufficient to cause customer complaints.

l  Outdoor bamboo decking is a natural product, not recommended to be used by barefoot, there is always a risk of formation of splinters, though its splinters are smaller than tropical hardwood. After the decking is installed, especially nearby swimming pool area, regular maintenance and apply water-based oil afterward is required to smoothen the surface and reduce such circumstances. Furthermore, please use carefullyparticularly around the swimming pool and immediately maintaining decking once the splinters have found. The manufacturer is not responsible for any injury caused by the user's improper use of these bamboo products.

l  Before installing, please keep the products in dry and shade places, avoid the sunshine and the rain. Defects on the surface caused by improper storage, insufficient to cause customer complaints.

2. Warranty conditions

Products must be used in strict accordance with the installation and Maintenance Manual. Customized products are insufficient to cause customer complaints.

The product should be maintained for the first time after installation, and maintained every six months after that, by cleaning the surface and applying the water-based oil. It's insufficient to cause customer complaints if the product is maintained not as required.

3. Warranty content

This warranty applies to the buyer's lawful rights and interests and also includes the buyer's rights exercised to the seller. It is limited to the original purchaser, which is not transferable.

If the customer complaints (Residential or Commercial) is generated within two years from the date of purchase from Fujian Golden Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. we will reserve the right to either repair the defects or provide the products for free to the original purchaser, including the local replacement cost of labor and freight.

If the original purchaser makes a valid warranty claim during years three to twenty (Commercial) / thirty (Residential) after the original purchase, then the recovery is indicated by the following chart.

Year of Claim



Residential (30 Years)

Commercial (20 Years)




Defective product value with the replacement cost of labor and freight







Defective Product Value

(Regular maintenance is required)


























This warranty does not include any damage caused by a third party (such as the transporter).

1. After-sales service

The customer complaints should be sent directly to in written REBO products claim form, attached with the corresponding on-site pictures, valid maintenance records, and valid replacement cost proof.


Fujian Golden Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. reserves its right to inspect and verify the site of customer complaints.

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