Wooden Or Bamboo Flooring?


The bamboo deck flooring well integrates beauty, comfort, and economy. Customers are our best form of advertising. Strand woven bamboo floor already deciding on a bamboo floor for home, office, or frequently used rooms-can recognize the top qualities. And he advises friends, parent relatives and acquaintances looking for an aesthetic and practical solution.

There are eight reasons to choose a bamboo floor:

1. Natural beauty: bamboo a completely natural product. All bamboo floors have a clean and elegant base, without adding wood or surface color. This makes the environment comfortable, calm and healthy. Because bamboo plank is a natural material, it is cool in summer and warm in winter.

2. Extremely scratch resistant: bamboo decking has higher hardness than most traditional parquet types and has excellent mechanical properties, high elastic modulus, low holding power, incredible stability. Everything will always be a beautiful permanent floor. That means you don't have to worry about scratches or permanent scratches.

3. Price: Comfort plays an important role when choosing the final floor. Bamboo floors of the same quality are less expensive than traditional solid wood floors because the raw material regenerates naturally.

4. Resistance to stains and liquids: the bamboo floor is easy to clean and does not absorb dirt. In fact, the special surface of the strand woven bamboo protects the floor from most dirt caused by liquids such as coffee, oil, and vinegar. Check this out for the samples we send to you! To keep it new, you can use a simple broom or vacuum and a regular mop.

5. Ecological: Without deforestation, bamboo is a spontaneously growing grass. Trees are not cut down when the parquet is ready! In fact, we use responsible forest raw materials and use European adhesives and finishes throughout the manufacturing process to create a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family.

6. Humidity stability: Bamboo is characterized by the fact that it is very moisture resistant and has little known antimicrobial properties (according to tests against mites and mold, anti-allergy).

7. His stability: When used properly, this material has outstanding stability. This means that due to variations in the humidity or temperature of the air, the outdoor bamboo decking has better contrast in terms of natural expansion and contraction compared to other types of wood.

8. Fire-resistant: bamboo burning takes longer than other types of wood and produces flames only at very high temperatures. Don't worry if your tobacco falls on board. Not only does tobacco not burn, but it also does not stain.

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