What can wee do to protect the environment?

What can we do to protect the environment? Start from bamboo. Bamboo can convert one-third of its weight into bio-fertilizer and return to the earth to make the soil fertile. It can be said that bamboo is a kind of organism that can help other plants grow healthily in terms of ecological environment. There are many microorganisms growing in bamboo leaves, and these microorganisms can be said to be a kind of natural biological fertilizer during the growth of plants.When it rains, protect the nutrients in the soil from being washed away by the rain, and use your own bamboo roots to maintain the groundwater to avoid its loss.

 durable bamboo materials

The extensive use of bamboo has enabled more forests to be preserved, which is of great significance to the earth's environment. However, it doesn’t stop there. Bamboo forest’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen is 1.3 times that of ordinary forests. Bamboo's renewable, short growth cycle, low carbon, environmental protection and multi-purpose advantages make bamboo an excellent raw material for disposable products in many cases. Of course, the potential of bamboo is far more than that. Through technological innovation, bamboo can even be used in Many application scenarios replace durable materials with extremely high carbon emissions such as steel, cement and PVC.

Strand woven bamboo decking

Strand woven bamboo decking and wall cladding have replaced the wood as the main outdoor products, which reduced the use of a large number of wood products, so that bamboo not only reduces carbon emissions, but also protects the forest. Bamboo deck and wall cladding are made of bamboo fibers which are treated with high temperature carbonization, hot pressing of 2700 tons, and our unique production technique.Their hardness can be the same as hardwood, even better than some hardwoods. It is stable and durable to stand the extreme weather outside with simple maintenance. Bamboo absorbs more carbon than is released in the production of the bamboo deck. More details please feel free to contact us.

bamboo wall cladding durable bamboo materials

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