The Advantages Of Bamboo


Bamboo has been used by people for centuries. In the tropical climate in which it grows, it is widely regarded as a wonder plant. It is as a food source, construction, manufacturing, used in decoration that sets the list. Bamboo is I want to focus on four areas that pave the way for a good future.


Bamboo is a sustainable resource for the production of wood for construction and product purposes. Bamboo is a plant that actually helps prevent soil erosion. Erosion can destroy the soil, eventually, destroy the soil and kill the soil. In areas where bamboo has been planted in the withered soil, it helps to regain the soil that has not even borne fruit.

It is also growing at an astonishing rate. Plants can be harvested without dying. If you cut hardwoods, they die. To replace the tree, it can take up to 20 years before you can reap a sustainable harvest. Compare this to bamboo. Bamboo, depending on the species, will grow to a three-meter rate within 24 hours.


Bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel. The tensile strength is a measure of the ability to determine that the material can be damaged. The nice thing about bamboo is that it shouldn't break. Instead, the bamboo goes along the current, it has the ability to bend in a strong storm. If you compress by cutting the stems, comparable to the strength of most steel.

This strength is very useful for construction applications. This includes supporting beams for lifting and lifting heavy loads. They can also be used for strong structural support in your home.


There is almost no end to the amount that bamboo can use. Everyone knows obvious uses. It's a great way to decorate your home. A powerful item for making sticks and weapons. You probably use bamboo chopsticks in your favorite Asian restaurant. He pointed out how to use it when building.

Few people think about the whole picture of bamboo. For example, you can build a light Sunday bike from Fanen Daten and Lang for the race. Bamboo, it can be changed to a wind turbine to move the future with clean energy. The possibilities are endless.


Bamboo of the green footprint, our future will be very well planted. Bamboo is an alternative to logging as the forests continue to be cut down for wood production and other purposes. Bamboo absorbs more CO2 and produces more oxygen. This will be a valuable partner in combating climate change.

In addition, new technologies that use bamboo for packaging help to solve the garbage problem. At present, packages made from bamboo naturally deteriorate over time. Compare this to all the plastics that we are currently throwing away. The plastic can no longer be used as fuel. It's also our way of finding the ecosystem that is causing chaos. Isn't bamboo a good way?

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