REBO Solid Bamboo Flooring

Due to the particularity of its raw materials and production process, bamboo flooring has the following product features,

1)    Dense tissue, delicate texture.

2)    Bamboo is uniform and generally yellow-white. It has little color difference and will become light brown after carbonization treatment.

solid bamboo floorindoor bamboo floor

3)    Solid bamboo flooring has high strength, good elasticity, good foot feel. Bamboo fibers are arranged parallel to the stalk, without inclination and interweaving, so its organizational structure is more orderly than that of wood. During the growth of bamboo, as the age of bamboo increases, the hardness and strength of the material increase year by year, and it becomes tough and elastic after 4-6 years. Generally, moso bamboo is used as raw material for 5-6 years, so the strength is high. , good elasticity, good foot feel.

environmentally friendly bamboo floor

4) Solid bamboo flooring has good wear resistance and impact resistance, long service life.

5) Solid bamboo flooring is not easy to be attacked by fungus and insects. Although bamboo is rich in sugar, starch and protein, it is easy to cause moths and mildew. However, this situation is fully considered in the manufacturing process of bamboo flooring, bamboo strips are put into the boiled water and dried at high temperature. High temperature and pressure and other measures have been carried out to kill insects and bacteria, and the nutrients contained in it have been dissolved, decomposed or modified. Therefore, it is not easy to suffer from the erosion of fungus.

solid bamboo floor

6)Solid bamboo flooring has reasonable structure and good stability. The texture of bamboo is straight, and it is fully dried after being sliced. The moisture absorption and shrinkage of bamboo in all directions are slightly lower than that of wood. The bamboo floor has a reasonable structure, so the bamboo floor has good stability and is not easy to warp.


indoor bamboo floorenvironmentally friendly bamboo floor

7)The Environmental protection of bamboo is good. Bamboo is propagated by underground bamboo weaving, and bamboo shoots are born every year. After the growth period and stable period, the material of bamboo will decline year by year and become brittle. Therefore, selective cutting must be carried out every year. Bamboo flooring is made of bamboo materials. The best 5-6-year-old bamboo will not affect the growing environment, so it is an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly product.

solid bamboo floorindoor bamboo floor

Solid bamboo flooring has the general characteristics of bamboo flooring, high hardness, not easy to deform, warm in winter and cool in summer, environmentally friendly and healthy, fresh and elegant.

1. According to the structure, it can be divided into two categories: multi-layer plan pressing bamboo floor and single-layer vertical bamboo floor.

 environmentally friendly bamboo floorsolid bamboo floor

2.According to the surface color of bamboo flooring, it can be divided into two categories: natural bamboo flooring and carbonized bamboo flooring.

indoor bamboo floor

2. According to the installation, bamboo flooring is divided into two types: Tongue &Groove installation and click installation.

environmentally friendly bamboo floorsolid bamboo floor

At present, the conventional length of bamboo flooring is 960mm and 1020mm, the width is 96mm and 130mm, and the thickness is 15mm and 17mm.

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