A New Journey, A New Challenge-Company Annual Meeting of The End of 2023 and The beginning of 2024


2023 has gone and 2024 is coming, on this special occasion, 2023 Excellence Commendation and 2024 Business Goals Conference were successfully held in the company's exhibition hall on 2nd, February. Li Xiaoxian, Chairman of the company, and heads of various departments attended the annual meeting. All members gathered together to commend progress and boost morale; share progress results and look forward to future prospects.

 company annual meeting

In this new year 2024, the new company structure was issued in the meeting, the general manager Li Jiafu read out the major personnel appointments to everybody. Then the assistant of the president Hu yifang announced the Company's 2024 Business Goals, which clarified the company's development direction and goals in 2024. It is a new season, a new journey, and a new goal.

 new company structure

Under the organization of the host, representatives from the Marketing Center, Bamboo New Materials Division, Production Department, and Technology Center came to the stage respectively and signed a letter of responsibility for the 2024 business goals with Chairman Li Xiaoxian. In 2024, all departments of the company will work together and try their best to achieve the goal.

2024 Business Goals 

In 2023, under the great effort of all employees, the company gained a big progress. The company evaluated and selected the Outstanding Employees, Best Manager, Outstanding Contribution Award and Best Team Award in the meeting. The chairman and other leaders presented awards and took photos with them.

 company annual meeting

After the sonorous and powerful oaths of all departments, the atmosphere of the annual meeting reached a high level. At the end of the annual meeting, Chairman Li Xiaoxian summarized the company's development and results in 2023, and put forward new expectations for the company's development goals in 2024.

 new company structure

The annual meeting ended successfully. We believe that the company will get better in the new year 2024, the company will continue manufacturing varieties of bamboo products, such as bamboo decking, bamboo flooring, bamboo wall panel, etc , of course, the company will continue designing new styles and we sincerely welcome the cooperation from our old and new customers.

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