How Does REBO Bamboo Decking Look Like After Two Years?

Bamboo decking is a popular alternative to wood decking. It is usually made from distressed bamboo strips, it’s very hard, strong, durable and has a longer lifespan than traditional wood decking.

bamboo decking

REBO bamboo product is mainly used for outdoor decking, wall cladding, horse stable plank and other relative ones due to its characteristics of hardness, dimensional stability, and resistance to decay and insects.

distressed bamboo decking

REBO bamboo decking is an excellence of the natural aesthetic that really stands out. When the bamboo boards are installed in a garden, patio or terrace area, it seamlessly blends into the environment without feeling artificially manufactured.

outdoor decking

Sustainability and durability of bamboo deck makes it an extremely cost effective option when it comes to long term. Thanks to such characteristics, the decking boards keep a very good form after two years, just color fading on the surface of the boards and the quality keeps good. 

bamboo decking

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